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The safety of the children in our school  is paramount. We  offer a warm, safe environment for them to grow and develop in.

The school has security  fencing surrounding the perimeter of the school and a buzzer system for entry to the school to ensure that only authorised persons are present on site.

The School Governors conduct regular Health and Safety checks to ensure that there are no hazards around the premises.

There is a system in place for staff to report any potential risks to safety to the Caretaking team; who then promptly deal with the issues to ensure safety.

All accidents and incidents are recorded and reported and subsequent action is taken where necessary.

Every child’s safety is our concern.

Safety on the school Site at RGPS

Governors of the Health and Safety Sub-Committee of the Governing Body regularly discuss safety concerns about the amount of traffic on the school site and parking. We are, together with the other schools on the site, in the process of installing some improvements which we hope will improve safety.

In addition to these measures, we would ask that parents refrain from coming onto the school site, where possible.  If you do come onto the school site, please adhere to:

  1. The site speed limit, one way system and give way to other users.
  2. Please park considerately in a designated parking bay in the car park on the right-hand side as you enter the site or in the car park at the bottom of the site on the left-hand side.
  3. Please do not park directly outside the school in the parking bays which are needed for special school transport vehicles at the start and end of the day.
  4. Please do not park in the 2 bus bays which are needed for the school’s minibuses.
  5. Please do not park on the verge on the entrance to the site, on the road around the one way system or on the grass verges.

Safety on the school Site at Rowan Gate East

Governors and Leadership are aware that there is no parking on the school site and therefore parents are expected to park in the nearby road/s and then walk to the school to collect their children.

We would like to remind parents not to park outside the school on the double yellow/zig zag lines.  As well as being illegal, this area is not a safe drop off zone and we would urge parents to consider their own and their children’s safety.

We also ask parents to park carefully and considerately, refraining from blocking the driveways of residents as this can cause unnecessary upset and distress.

Thank you for your help and co-operation – it is much appreciated.

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