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Finedon Rd, Wellingborough, Northants, NN8 4NS
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Strategic Head Teacher - Laura Clarke

Hayway, Rushden, NN10 6AG
Tel: 01933 351200
Strategic Deputy head - Julia Coles
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Total Communication at Rowan Gate Primary School  

At Rowan Gate Primary School, our objective is to use a personalised approach and to provide all children with a means to communicate. Pupils are encouraged to use whichever form of communication is appropriate for them. The ability to communicate effectively is so valuable in enabling our pupils to access their learning, to interact with others and to express their needs and wants. 

We constantly consider the motivator/reason to communicate, a method of communicating and a partner to communicate with. We provide a ‘Total Communication’ environment and ensure that all children are supported to practise and refine their communication skills during both play and adult led activities. Examples of AAC used in school include core communication boards, signing, TOBIS, PECS, talking tins and switches, objects of reference, iPads, E-Tran frames and electronic devices. During our key skills sessions, speech and language targets are a key focus. A combination of explicit and direct teaching enables children to consolidate their communication skills.  

Our Gestalt Language Processors, who use echolalia to communicate meaning, are given opportunities to develop their language, encouraging them to become flexible and spontaneous communicators.  We also work on modelling how the child might recombine pieces of a Gestalt statement. 

We understand that we need to develop our children’s attention skills to enable more meaningful communication and connections to others and the world around them. We use intensive interaction to build relationships and have a joint enjoyment of an activity. Attention Autism (bucket time) sessions are used to build, sustain, shift and re-engage attention. 

We consult with Speech and Language Therapists and assistants to support us to understand pupils' communicative needs and the best means of communication to use. 

 Some pupils and families are supported by the County AAC Team; some pupils have a trained Intervener to support their communication needs. 

We recognise the importance of tailoring therapy to each child’s unique needs and communication style. 

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Rowan Gate East, Hayway
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NN10 6AG
Head of Provision - Sue Morris

Tel: 01933 351200

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Rowan Gate Finedon, Finedon Rd
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Acting Head of Provision - Nicole Lawson

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Satellite Classes #1

Rowan Gate, c/o Tennyson Road Infant School,
1 Highfield Road, Rushden, NN10 9QD
Head of Provision - Maxine Anthony-Hill

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Satellite Classes #2

Rowan Gate c/o Stanton Cross Primary School,
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Head of Provision - Natalija Zemcugova

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