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At Rowan Gate we believe that everyone has a right to discover and use their creative and artistic talents. Everyone is entitled to a range of high quality arts experiences.

The Arts enable pupils to be active participants in the learning process and support each pupil in learning about themselves and the world around them.

The Arts provide a medium for sensory exploration, a context through which to develop expression and response and a means to enhance richness of experience.

Pupils have opportunities to generate and express their own ideas through the arts and therefore participation in arts activities contributes to their cognitive development.


  • The arts, including music, art and design, drama, dance, digital arts, creative writing and the creative use of language, are valued.
  • The arts provide children with fundamental experiences in their educational, social, personal and emotional development.
  • The arts are part of the whole school curriculum.
  • All pupils have access to a broad arts curriculum differentiated according to need.
  • All pupils participate in the arts at a level appropriate to individual needs and abilities.
  • The arts are used to access and enrich other subjects.
  • All arts teaching is developed into sensory experiences for pupils with sensory deficits and for pupils working at early developmental levels.
  • The arts should be approached sensitively with children with special educational needs (for example those on the autistic spectrum) allowing pupils to respond, make choices and decisions and become active participants.  The arts are used selectively to heighten the educational experience.
  • It is recognised that some pupils may appear passive in response to arts activities initially, with time, pupils are enabled to experience emotions and make choices.


  • To promote learning through enjoyment.
  • To provide all pupils with experiences and opportunities, using a wide range of techniques and resources.
  • To provide equality of opportunity for all pupils ensuring their entitlement to a high quality education in the arts.
  • To extend the range of arts experiences and learning available to all pupils inside and outside school.
  • To develop pupils’ understanding of the world.
  • To broaden pupils’ access other areas of the curriculum.
  • To develop pupils understanding of language, communication and emotion.
  • To develop meaning to developing personal choice where pupils find this difficult.
  • To develop life skills that enable pupils to integrate into society.
  • To offer all pupils opportunities to create and perform.
  • To celebrate individual achievements and develop a sense of personal pride.
  • To explore pupils opportunities to relate to current media.
  • To achieve and integrate alongside mainstream peers.
  • To develop alternative ways to access learning for some pupils.
  • To develop staff awareness, confidence and expertise in the arts, thereby ensuring that all pupils receive the highest quality of arts experiences and learning opportunities.
  • To provide diverse arts experiences through a variety of arts weeks, multi-sensory themed days, and annual topics enhanced by external arts practitioners and performers and visits to displays, community events and performances in the area.

Our Artsmark Exhibition images can be seen in the download file in the sidebar of the page.

Artsmark Exhibition

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